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About Soul Roller

Welcome to SoulRoller.net  an online t-shirt shop, located in Southern California just outside of San Diego. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and browse our line of Martial Arts T-Shirts.

   Since the 1970's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu culture and beach culture have been intertwined. The first Gracie Family member to start surfing was believed to have been the great Rolls Gracie. Rolls was the most iconic Gracie Jiu Jitsu Practitioner of the 1970’s, the Gracie Family Champion on the mats and a leader off the mats, he was involved in the development of the sport by adding cross training in other martial arts to further develop his jiu jitsu potential. As Rolls had a few students who surfed at Arpoador, (a famous surfing spot near Copacabana where his academy was located) he started surfing there along with his students. Rolls’ busy schedule did not allow him to surf regularly, but his cousin Relson Gracie started borrowing Rolls’ surfboard in 1972 to teach himself how to surf. Relson Gracie was probably the most ardent and passionate advocate for surfing among the Gracie family in this era. Relson adopted the beach/surfing lifestyle much to his father’s dismay, ultimately choosing to move to Hawaii in 1988 to teach jiu jitsu and to be closer to the best waves in the world. Following in their older brother’s footsteps, Rickson and Royler also became surfing aficionados and from their generation onward, surfing and jiu jitsu were linked.

   Today many jiu jitsu’s “hotspots” are close to good surfing areas. This is obviously not coincidence but a result of the melding of the two lifestyles. When the Brazilians migrated to the United States to spread he gospel of jiu jitsu, their main destinations were strategically located near the best surf spots! Many of today's jiu jitsu fighters are avid surfers and big name surfers such as Joel Tudor and Kelly Slater also train BJJ. This relationship extends into fashion, with major surfing brands having supported jiu jitsu since the 1980’s. Soul Roller is a lifestyle that celebrates this relationship between two great passions!